Why are politicians the real designers, architects, and engineers of life in our society?

political discourse loaded with morality design control of our lives
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A few days ago, I read The article’s argument is valid and accurate for liberal societies. But some of that made me wonder: What about toxic collectivism? I was left reflecting on that.

The author analyzes how…

Why do we need to design a new paradigm to promote collective agreements?

Diagram of the new Culture of Cancellation
Diagram of the new Culture of Cancellation

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was a pathetic political show. It was riddled with insults and interruptions. Trump interrupted Biden about 145 times, and Biden cut off Trump about 67 times, according to the . In their second showdown, the politicians tried hard…


Why should you be creative, technical, and also Human when you write a Blog Post?

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  1. Voice brand and Tone 👉🏼 the human aspect
  2. User experience Design 👉🏼 the design aspect
  3. SEO tasks 👉🏼 the technical aspect

If you’re writing a blog, whether you’re an amateur or a professional writer, you need to optimize your blog posts. Optimize… a word that marketers use too much, and…

Porqué “documentar” es la mejor manera de publicar contenido en tu blog o Vlog.

Testimonia tu jornada:

Si tu trabajo te apasiona o si existe un tema específico que te obsesiona hasta el punto de investigar para volverte un experto; entonces, documentarlo es la clave para generar contenido fresco y auténtico. Nadie se hace influencer en un día, y una persona influyente no se crea con una…


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